4C auf Sprachwoche in Seaford (England)

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Mit der Englisch-Professorin Mag.a Monferini und ihrem Klassenvorstand Mag.a Derks war die 4C auf Sprachwoche in Seaford.

Our week in England!

We have just come back from the south of England where we spent eight fabulous days in a little town at the seaside, called Seaford.  I stayed with a host family who  was really nice. Although my host mum had a fulltime job, we always had something to eat. The British food wasn´t as bad as it looked... In the mornings we always went to school by bus. The best about our lessons was that we made many presentations and solved many riddles. In the afternoons we always went on trips.  Our first trip was to Brighton. There was a roller coaster on Brighton Pier and it was great fun  because you could see the whole sea from above!  The coolest trip was to London. We visited  many sights and held our little speeches in front of them. We  took  a boat trip on the river Thames and we went shopping in Covent  Garden.  We really loved our week in England!

Stefan Keiblinger, 4.C


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