Trip to the UNO headquarters 7AB

von Patrick Koger


In our final lesson before the Christmas holidays the “Wahlpflichtfach English” group of the 7a and 7b went on a fieldtrip to the headquarters of the UNO, also known as the Vienna International Centre, to find out more about the history and work of this organization. We were accompanied by our English teacher Professor Flatschart, along with our American language-assistant Ian.

Once we arrived, we were greeted by some rather uptight security and had to go through a safety routine not unlike an airport. After making sure that a bunch of seventh graders weren’t about to destroy the UN’s headquarters, they let us through, and we started our tour. The guide was an American woman, Teddy, from New York. The first thing we saw was a big open space with dozens of flags which (you could probably guess this) represented all the member states, along with two so called “Observer Sates”: the Vatican and Palestine. We had some fun guessing which flags belonged to which countries, before we went back inside. We then learned about the history of  the UNO. The UNO could be considered the daughter-organisation of the “league of nations”, an organization attempting to keep world peace after World War I (spoiler alert: it didn’t work). Next we learned about the functions and goals of the UN. These include, but are not limited to: trying to keep peace and stability across the globe (sometimes through sending military troops of the UN; the so called blue helmets), preservation of natural resources and sharing research and scientific studies from country to country (specifically in the field of space travel). Although still far from having been achieved, some of these goals have seen significant progress in the last couple of years.

It was all in all a day well spent. I had fun learning about the UNO, an organization which I’ve heard of many times, but whose functions had not been clear to me until that day.

Leo Lipscomb-Santos